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Colicanas Mentoring Program ends with a tour of entrepreneurs and mentors along the Kimün route

mentorías colicanas

Within the framework of the Colicanas Mentoring program, participants of “Ruta Kimün: Entrepreneurship and Charms in Cunco” explored the identity and potential of each venture. The program focused on community bonding and contributed to the strengthening of the tourism sectors and the development of the commune.

At the beginning of February, the “Mentorías Colicanas” program had a successful closure, an initiative that left a significant mark on the community of Cunco, La Araucanía. The protagonists of this ceremony were entrepreneurs, mentors from Lake Colico, the team from the Lago Colico Foundation and Balloon Latam.

As a closing of the successful program, the “Kimün Route: Entrepreneurship and Charms in Cunco” was held, a route in which its participants explored the identity and potential of each venture. The activity focused on community bonding, establishing teams made up of mentors from Lake Colico and entrepreneurs from Cunco; and contributed to the strengthening of the tourism sectors and the development of the commune.

The route began at Casa Balloon Araucanía, from where a journey of discovery was undertaken towards the different local enterprises. One of the first destinations was Fundo San Pablo Tourist and Event Center, directed by entrepreneur Pablo Valdevenito, a space that combines family tradition with services for tourists and residents of the area.

During the tour, certification was awarded to entrepreneurs and mentors, marking a moment of celebration and recognition for the work done. In addition, a unique passport was delivered in Chile, designed to travel the "Kimün Route", where each stamp represents an encounter with the program's entrepreneurs.

The day continued with visits to other notable ventures, such as Aguas Claras Tourist, directed by Waldo Lillo, and Sweet Moments of Enis Lagos, where experiences and flavors were shared that reflect the cultural richness of Cunco.

Carolina Benavides, owner of the Azentun art workshop, expressed “It is very important to strengthen ties between local entrepreneurs to promote the development of the commune.”

The tour ended in Los Abedules Tourist Center, directed by Gladys Castillo, where a typical lunch was enjoyed.

Waldo Lillo highlighted the importance of group outings and the opportunity to meet new entrepreneurs, while Enis Lagos praised the tourist route and the opportunity to interact with mentors and colleagues.

Rodrigo Muñoz, Regional Director of Balloon Latam in La Araucanía, noted: «The value of building links between mentors and entrepreneurs is incalculable. “We are proud to have been part of this process that strengthens the community and promotes local economic development.”

For its part, Pablo Jaque, Manager of the Lago Colico Foundation, highlighted the positive impact of mentoring in the community, "This program is an example of how collaboration and commitment can transform a community," he added.

The “Colicanas Mentoring” program not only marks the end of a stage, but the beginning of a path towards sustainable and prosperous tourism development for the commune of Cunco. The collaboration between mentors, entrepreneurs and local collaborators has laid the foundations to enhance the natural, cultural and gastronomic charms of the region, turning Cunco into a reference tourist destination in La Araucanía. This program has shown that teamwork and passion for entrepreneurship can generate a positive and lasting impact on the local economy and the quality of life of its inhabitants.