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Balloon Latam at Exponor 2024 with BHP!

This week, we were part of Exponor 2024, a key biannual event for the mining sector. Here, the latest advances and future investments are made visible and debated, with the participation of the most relevant leaders in the industry.

Our head of advocacy and knowledge management, Juan Ignacio Cordero Pérez, participated in the panel "Indigenous companies with identity and collaboration", where he explained our linkage methodology, highlighting how we achieve a sustainable impact on communities through relationships between local communities, companies and organizations through our “Triple P” methodology: community participation in every impact project, in order to achieve relevance and therefore permanence over time.

We are especially grateful to who we share on this panel: O.Javier Campillay Paez. of Terra Norte and Rodrigo Challapa, Daniel Córdova, Abel Martínez of BHP