We are looking for social leaders who are willing to become part of the sustainable development of Chilean Patagonia


The social venture Balloon Latam has opened the application process for its Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation training program, "Balloon International". This five week long program will take place in Patagonia, one of Chile’s southernmost locations, from the 4th of November to the 6th of December. Despite the region being well known for its natural, unexplored and beautiful landscapes, few people get to know Patagonia locals, a core element of its cultural richness.

Balloon International program aims to promote the region’s sustainable development by connecting social leaders from different countries with local entrepreneurs. They will work collaboratively to strengthen their businesses and to find solutions to needs identified by the community.

The program will mark the beginning of a 4-year project, through which Balloon Latam has committed to encourage the development of 24 localities of Patagonia. The main purpose is to identify and prioritize the localities’s main needs, as well as linking them with different social actors, to come up with collective solutions to push sustainable communities’s development over time.

“The challenge is to make collaborative strategies with the communities where their development is driven by environmental conservation. Cochamó Valley’s future should be in the hands of local people in a collective process, working together with the municipality and other institutions” stated Sebastián Salinas,  Director and Founder of Balloon Latam.

Deepening into the Patagonia’s projections, Sebastián Salinas said "we expect to set Cochamó as an example of local development, based only on its natural resources and its cultural activities guidelines within this 4-year project”.

Balloon Latam expects the candidates, known as Fellows of this program, to be outstanding leaders capable of driving the transformations that the communities need, as a result of direct interaction with them.

The program starts with a theoretical training, called Online Academy, focused on innovation and entrepreneur topics. This knowledge will be taught by the Fellows to Patagonia’s local entrepreneurs and applied to their real local businesses afterwards.

It is important to highlight the fact that Balloon international is a social innovation certified program by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, one of the most prestigious higher education institutions of Latin America.